Martin Our Teacher

Martin Our Teacher is a production of Louyi Tang, screenplay writer, director and producer. Louyi moved to the United States in 2000 and studied directing and filmmaking at the New York Film Academy. She is a member of the China Film Society and co-founder of Tiger Butterfly Films, LLC.

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Martin Our Teacher is an opportunity for an investment in the movie and entertainment industry for investors and sponsors with international interest. The movie will be presented not only in the U.S. and China, but will also be presented to a Global audience. For more information regarding an investment or sponsorship in this film, please contact:

Louyi Tang, 347-260-9357,
Kevin L. Burns, Attorney at Law, 203-794-2321
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Martin our Teacher: Written and Directed by Louyi Tang.
Content copyright 2011. Tiger Butterfly Films, LLC. All rights reserved.

Martin, a struggling writer in Little Rock, Arkansas, mistakenly receives a letter from a blind teacher in a remote western Chinese village. In the letter, the teacher implores a former student to come home to teach the village children. Miserable in his present life, Martin journeys to the remote area which in the mid-1990s is not open to foreigners. Initially threatening to arrest him, the county authorities finally agree to send him to replace the old blind teacher, the only teacher in a primary school.

But will Martin survive a difficult life lacking of water and no toilets, with buildings near collapse, three grade-levels of mischievous students and a noisy local opera broadcast over loudspeakers every day? Will the villagers accept this alien-like but passionate and impetuous American teacher? Watch the trailer below and enjoy the moving and inspiring pre-view of this culture-clashing movie.

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